Jennifer Glassman
Photographer, Mustang Advocate

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man. ~Winston Churchill

To capture the soul and fire of a wild horse on film, one must either be invisible in sight, sound and scent, or have permission and approval from the horse. The first is nearly impossible, particularly in the case of wild horses. The latter is a gift that precious few photographers can enjoy.
Jennifer Glassman’s photography captures rare glimpses, showing explosive power and peaceful tranquility of Mustangs in the wild. Her artistry with motion, composition, depth of field and phenomenal patience, all contribute to this emotional photographic portrayal of beautiful sentient beings.
Viewers of Glassman’s images could scarcely guess that until 2010, her lifelong passion for horses remained untapped. Her 20-year career as a film and television executive and full time parent left her precious little time to explore this passion. During a hiatus from her career Glassman went from high heels to horse shoes, immersing herself in riding, caring for and ultimately photographing horses.

During her initiation to the equestrian world Glassman learned of the harsh realities facing wild horses in America and beyond. Hearing for the first time how they are chased to exhaustion by helicopters, then rounded up and housed under inhumane conditions, she remembers being utterly horrified.

Jennifer feels it is her ultimate goal to represent and convey an “authentic form of these magical creatures that harkens back to their heritage to show the magnificent and historic connection between man, horse and our world.”

With her Mustang-focused photography, she joins the ranks of many photographers who have put themselves in the line of publicity and danger to help our Mustangs in the wild. She hopes to contribute to raising awareness of an injustice perpetrated against a symbol of American freedom in the name of the American people, whose tax dollars are perpetuating it largely without their knowledge. “At the turn of the 20th century there were two million horses roaming free in America; today, there are fewer than 20,000.”

A portion of the proceeds generated by sales from Glassman’s work will directly benefit various rescue organizations, including her newly launched Mustang sanctuary as well as and - the new pioneer in wild horse rescue, an organization for whom she also sits on the Board of Directors.

Jennifer Glassman splits her time between Southern California  and Michigan with her family and ever growing herd of rescued Mustangs (and a few others).  More information can be found on Facebook and Instagram @3rdcoastsanctuary